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Space Stories: A Startup Made of Artists, Scientists, and Ex-Government Officials

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The first congressional hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) occurred in May 2022. It followed a 2021 report from the Pentagon admitting to at least 143 unexplainable aircraft sightings.

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A company called To The Stars was the reason for that. And they’re not done telling stories.

The company’s CEO, Tom DeLonge, is a founding member of rock band Blink-182 and published author with Hollywood connections. But his interest in extraordinary phenomena led to collaboration with the highest levels of government and the world of academia.

As a result, his team of artists, scientists, and ex-government officials is pioneering a new entertainment genre called Informed Science-Fiction. Their stories will share uncommon knowledge with the public through the lens of entertainment. And they’re currently raising funds to help fuel these projects.

Why they’re trusted to tell these stories.

It all started when the To The Stars team was doing research for Sekret Machines – their multi-media franchise using historical fiction and non-fiction to explain the complexities of unidentified aerial phenomena.

Due to the controversial and sometimes highly-sensitive nature of this subject matter, the team had to be extremely careful in their treatment. Asking all the right questions put them in dialogue with former intelligence experts that advised NASA, the Department of Defense, and others who knew where to find the information they needed in a heap of declassified government files.

It all led to a groundbreaking 2017 collaboration between To The Stars and The New York Times, in which they released never-before-seen declassified footage of UAPs. It changed the world’s perception of “outer space.” It also initiated the creation of an official UAP Task Force at the Pentagon, followed by the first-ever U.S. congressional hearing on the subject.

Now, To The Stars has an ongoing cooperative research and development agreement with a division of the U.S. Army Futures Command to advance scientific discoveries in unexplained phenomena. The result is a massive market opportunity for To The Stars and their investors.

A new genre is spicing up the $2T entertainment market.

Breaking into the entertainment industry would be a bold feat for anyone. But let’s not forget that Tom DeLonge entered the UAP conversation already with an entire entertainment career under his belt.

To The Stars is bridging its research connections with Hollywood’s finest, including founder and CEO of Cartel Pictures, Stan Spry. Cartel Pictures is a feature film and television production company representing some of the world’s top media industry creatives, with about 150 productions so far. Stan himself has executive-produced hit series like Creepshow on AMC and 12 Forever on Syfy.

Other To The Stars projects include a partnership with Legendary Television to produce a series based on Tom’s best-selling books, Sekret Machines; an adult-focused cartoon called Breaking Bear set to stream on the Fox-owned streaming service Tubi; a feature film called Monsters of California, which is releasing soon; and plans for several others.

They’re leveraging these channels in tandem with experts in academia and intelligence to fuse information and entertainment like never before.

Potential market growth.

Imagine owning part of the entire Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, or Star Wars franchise. Well, that’s the opportunity To The Stars is giving early-stage investors.

This team has plotted the course to ensure they’re hitting exactly the right audience, with the right product, at exactly the right moment. In addition, they aim to keep most of their own intellectual property, creating opportunities for cross-platform media, merch, and more.

The plan is to tackle a variety of markets, including streaming, feature films, and publishing, creating several potential revenue streams.

The streaming market was worth over $80 billion in 2021, which is bound to grow immensely, given that people are always looking for new content to consume. In addition, it has a projected CAGR of 21 percent by 2030. For reference, companies and markets with a relatively “good” CAGR hover around 10 percent.

Adding to their potential success, fan interest in unexplained scientific mysteries is on the rise, with 43 percent of Americans more interested in UFOs, and searches for “UFO” up more than 51 percent year-over-year.

What’s next for To The Stars?

To The Stars is already proving its concept with a feature film and TV show on the way this year. If Monsters of California can succeed in the box office, and Breaking Bear in the streaming space, it will help generate a wave of interest in other To The Stars projects, helping to fund and produce a plethora of new high-production-value, wide-reaching content.

Right now, it’s raising up to $30M to do just that. And you can join them in the earliest stages of their growth as a shareholder now.

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