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STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR GOAL – Best Motivational Speech


The world does not reward mediocrity, you know what the rest of the world wants to pay you for? Be the best at one thing. If you know how to concentrate your efforts and be focused on one thing, you have an edge.

If you can be focused on one thing and not look at everything else that everybody else is looking at, 50 different philosophies, 75 different ways to make money, 19 different streams of income, if you can figure out a way to go here, all of that stuff’s gonna come your way.

But if you go chase all the other stuff like everyone else is, you’re gonna miss the whole point of winning in life. ‘Cause you can’t concentrate. You show me anyone today who knows how to concentrate, I’ll show you someone that nobody wants to compete with.

Don’t stop. Narrow your focus to one idea. One. And make it work. Make it your priority and stick with it no matter what. You guys need to understand what you don’t have to do. You don’t have to work hard, you don’t have to eat right, you don’t have to sleep right, you don’t have to do more than what’s required of you, you don’t have to be a good teammate, you don’t have to be a good leader.

You don’t have to do anything that you don’t wanna do. But you also don’t have to win, you don’t have to be a success in life, you don’t have to help your team win, you don’t have to play.

So the greatest things in life take sacrifice and discipline. And that’s why so few people achieve great things. Because they don’t wanna sacrifice, they don’t wanna discipline for something greater.

So you see all these people who have great things in life that you look up to, it’s because they sacrificed and disciplined long before you ever knew them. No one can make you do or not do what you said you’re gonna do.

Tell yourself every morning, I’m gonna stick to this, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna strive for this goal. I’m not looking forward to December, I’m not looking over the whole year, I’m focused on today.

What we do every day, every single day, what we do becomes habitual and routine. Through practice every single day, we do the same thing, regardless of weather, surroundings, elements, people, regardless.

We continue to do the task that we believe in. Head strong. Confident. Pushing through it. See at the end of my life the lord’s gonna go, hey, by the way, this guy over here, this is the man you could’ve been.

This is the person you were born to be. This would have been your dream, this is where you would’ve gone, what you would’ve seen, what you would’ve changed, this would’ve been your book, meet him.

My dream in my life is that when I meet that person, we’re not total strangers. And I’m gonna say hey man, good to see you, been chasing you, man. He’s gonna go, I’ve been watching you, you maxed out your damn life, congratulations.

You don’t wanna get to the end of your life and that character is a total stranger to you. You know damn well there’s gonna be a funeral for you some day, at that funeral, there’s gonna be a sense and a spirit of what you could’ve become.

The man, the woman you could’ve become. And every day, those decisions you’re making to max out your life are chasing that person. If you have micro focus, if you can get a chance to pay attention to detail, that’s how you break out of the pack.

That’s how you go from being average to above average performer. With focus you are unstoppable.



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