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Streaming Free: ‘TechTalk’ Reveals the Next Big Things That Will Change Our Lives

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Technology has the power to change the landscape of business and communication in an instant. (See ChatGP for evidence.) To help us all see what’s coming next and understand how it will impact our lives, EntrepreneurTV is thrilled to feature the award-winning docu-series TechTalk.

Each episode of TechTalk takes viewers on informative and inspiring journeys of discovery, highlighting emerging startups and the innovators leading them. This week’s episodes featured on EntrepreneurTV:

  • See how flying cars, taxis and rescue vehicles will transform the way we travel.
  • Meet the inventors of 360-degree drone defense systems.
  • Inside self-driving cars and discover mind-blowing 3D holographic surgery.
  • Augmented Reality snowboarding helmets and the Israeli Robot Soccer team.
  • Intelligent drone delivery systems for any business.
  • Discover five outstanding innovators ranging from futuristic zappers to autonomous robot window washers, and mind-controlled games.

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