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improving womens healthcare by way of edinburgh

Improving Women’s Healthcare By Way Of Edinburgh

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As the founder of Femtech Insider, I’ve been watching women’s health innovation for many years and the most common question I get…

twitter rolls out new crisis information policy to warn users of certain content

Twitter Rolls Out New ‘Crisis Information Policy’ to Warn Users of Certain Content

Elon Musk has notoriously questioned Twitter on its policies around content suppression, even polling his millions of followers as to whether or not they believe that the social media company…

no its not just you customers everywhere are having meltdowns over the starbucks mobile app not working

No, It’s Not Just You: Customers Everywhere Are Having Meltdowns Over the Starbucks Mobile App Not Working

Chaos ensued from the early hours on Thursday when many tired and already disgruntled customers quickly found out that when checking their Starbucks card on the coffee chain’s mobile app,…

the wait is over as fans celebrate the return of taco bells cult favorite menu item nature is healing

The Wait Is Over as Fans Celebrate the Return of Taco Bell’s Cult-Favorite Menu Item: ‘Nature Is Healing’

The two-year long wait is over in what some fast-food fans are calling a “National Holiday”, as Taco Bell has brought back its fan-favorite Mexican Pizza to menus nationwide. SOPA…

under armour ceo unexpectedly steps down receives 7 1 million in severance

Under Armour CEO Unexpectedly Steps Down, Receives $7.1 Million in Severance

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. After two years on the job, Under Armour CEO Patrik Frisk announced on Wednesday he will be stepping down, effective June 1,…

taylor swift doles out moving career advice to nyu class of 2022 the people who want it the most are the people i hire to work for my company

Taylor Swift Doles Out Moving Career Advice to NYU Class of 2022: ‘The People Who Want It the Most Are the People I Hire to Work for My Company’

Taylor Swift is a record-breaking, award-winning musician and songwriter, an actress and an activist (and did we mention cat enthusiast?) Dia Dipasupil/Getty ImagesDia Dipasupil/Getty Images But it looks like the…

netflix sends confusing message as 150 employees are laid off the layoffs didnt touch the least diverse part of the company

Netflix Sends Confusing Message as 150 Employees are Laid Off: ‘The Layoffs Didn’t Touch the Least Diverse Part of the Company’

To say it’s been a disastrous few months for Netflix would seem like a bit of an understatement. NurPhoto | Getty Images The company’s Q1 2022 earnings report, which was…

wendys mcdonalds sued for allegedly misrepresenting burger patty size

Wendy’s, McDonald’s Sued for Allegedly Misrepresenting Burger Patty Size

Wendy’s and McDonald’s burger buyers want bigger patties on their buns — and they’re going to court to demand it, Fox Business reports. Attorneys Anthony J. Russo and James C….

walmart targets college students with promise of 200000 salaries as shares plummet over 11

Walmart Targets College Students With Promise of $200,000 Salaries as Shares Plummet Over 11%

Landing a job right after college can be a stress-inducing experience for new grads, to say the least. From countless interviews and applications to choosing what city to live in…

tesla cybertruck first production delays now restricted regions

Tesla Cybertruck: First Production Delays, Now Restricted Regions

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Back in 2019, Tesla’s unveiling of its new vehicle, the “cybertruck,” caught the world’s attention with its innovative, eco-friendly functionality and suave…