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is green hydrogen the future this minnesota gas utility thinks so

Is ‘Green Hydrogen’ the Future? This Minnesota Gas Utility Thinks So.

A Minnesota gas utility says it is successfully blending “green” hydrogen into its natural gas pipeline system in one of the first such tests in the country. Since last spring,…

this is how south dakota gets most of its energy

This Is How South Dakota Gets Most of Its Energy

Wind has surpassed hydroelectric power as the largest generator of electricity in South Dakota. Last year, over 52% of the electricity generated in the state came from wind turbines. That’s…

4 benefits of renewable energy for homes

4 Benefits of Renewable Energy for Homes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Renewable energy use in the US increased by 90% from 2000 to 2020. Renewable energy for homes is growing more popular due to the benefits it brings. Technological…