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‘Technically Correct’: Internet Loses It Over Man’s Pizza Delivery After Ordering Toppings ‘On The Side’

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Customizing a takeout order at restaurants can sometimes be a nuisance, especially when you ask to add or omit certain ingredients or offer special instructions.

Now, one Reddit user is going viral after learning that, when changing an order, you have to be very specific in the directions.

A man named Dillan, whose username is u/Spacemancleo, posted a photo of his pizza order that arrived after his father asked for: “pineapple on the side.”

In the photo, viewers can see a slice of Hawaiian pizza with all of the ham in the middle and all of the pieces of pineapple lined up down the side.

My father ordered a Hawaiian pizza with the pineapple on the side.
by u/Spacemancleo in mildlyinfuriating

“Technically correct, I suppose,” Dillan wrote comically.

The post, which has been upvoted over 17,500 times, had the social media platform in stitches.

“Exactly what a Dad would serve you if you asked for pineapple on the side,” one user joked.

“This is so funny and what makes it even funnier is the fact I imagined someone fuming over this work of art,” another said.

Dillan did not clarify which pizza shop his dad ordered from, but it’s safe to say the creative employees had quite a bit of fun with this one.

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