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‘That Cannot Be Right’: McDonald’s in Connecticut Goes Viral For $18 McNuggets, Burgers

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A McDonald’s at a rest stop in Connecticut is catching heat for its prices on menu staples.

Located off Interstate 95 southbound in Darien, Connecticut, the McDonald’s at the SB Service Plaza is going viral after a photo of the location’s menu started making rounds on Twitter.

In a Tweet that’s been viewed over 314,800 times, Sam Learner posted a McDonald’s menu with astronomical prices, including a 10-piece McNugget for $18.29, a McCrispy sandwich for $17.99 and a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese for a whopping $18.99.

“These McDonald’s prices are nuts right,” Learner wrote alongside the image.

Many couldn’t believe the prices, while others chalked the inflated prices up to an airport-like effect where prices are raised in order to make up for astronomical rent.

McDonald’s estimates that 93% of its 38,000 locations worldwide are franchised, meaning that franchisees have the liberty to set their own prices based on location and demand.

Darien, where this particular McDonald’s is located, has an average household income of $424,355.

McDonald’s did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment.

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