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The Best Black Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

Dark Hair model

Tempted by the dark side? If you’re thinking about dying your hair black, you might think you just have one option of shade. But there are actually a variety of black hair colors to choose from, with a shade to suit every skin tone. Read on to find the right black hair color for you and how to best maintain glossy raven hair.

The best black hair colors

Jet black

Jet black hair is the truest black hair color shade and will have some subtle cooler undertones. It will look the most striking on those with pale skin tones, acting as a contrast and bringing out your features. Think Dita Von Teese’s classic pinup style – just pair it with red lips for the ultimate classic look.

Black with blue tones

Blue-black hair is a popular shade for those who want to go dark but also want a little fun. It combines a black base with reflective blue tones running throughout. Blue-black hair suits most skin tones, whether you have pale, medium, or dark skin.  You can go for an icy black or for a warmer blue that incorporates more purple tones, depending on your own skin tone and preference.

Black with red tones

Black with red undertones, or dark burgundy hair, is a great choice if you want to go for dark hair but still want a little brightness. It will complement those with warm complexions and medium, dark, and olive skin tones the best, but you can add some cooler shades if you have paler, cool-toned skin.

Black with violet tones

Black hair with violet tones looks great on those with dark, warm complexions, helping to complement the warm tones. However, you can opt for cooler, more blueish-purple hues if you have cooler-toned skin and still want violet-black hair.

Almost black

If you want to go darker without committing to full black hair, you could opt for almost black. This is the darkest brown shade. It will incorporate warm tones throughout but still have the ultra-reflective qualities of black hair. Almost black hair looks great with olive skin tones.

How to care for your black hair color

Black hair can be lower maintenance than some other hair colors, but it will still require some upkeep. How much will depend on your natural hair color? If you already have dark hair, you may be able to get away with a little regrowth at the roots. However, if you have naturally light hair, your roots will show through more easily, and you may need to touch up your roots more often.

Your black hair shade will look its best when it is at its most vibrant. Like all dyes, black can fade over time, so you can help to maintain the color intensity with a black hair glaze. This will deposit color and neutralize unwanted tones, while also nourishing hair.

If you’re dying your hair black, you usually won’t have to pre-lighten it, unless you’re opting for a blue-black shade or similar where you want the extra color to stand out. Even so, dying your hair any color can take a toll on the strands, so a deep conditioning gloss treatment will help to keep it healthy. Deep conditioning will be key to maintaining the reflective shine that comes with black hair.

You can help to reduce the fading of black hair dye by using hair products formulated for dyed black hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are designed to maintain your hair color and won’t fade it. You can also cut back on heat styling, which can also cause fading.

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