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The Best Boarding Schools in the World That Provide the Highest Knowledge

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Boarding schools are a very popular choice among parents and students these days. They make for one of the best investments into a young person’s future. A boarding school will provide the student with extra education and an experience that lasts a lifetime. 

If you are looking for a great boarding school, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn all about boarding schools, as well as find the list of the best boarding schools in the world. 

What Are Boarding Schools?

A boarding school is basically a residential educational institution where students study and live. Students live in resident houses or dormitories right on campus, and go back during days off and vacations. 

There are many different types of boarding schools based on what the students learn. There are boarding schools for college preparation, military schools, schools for fine arts, sports, and even religion. In addition to this, there are therapeutic schools that offer psychological assistance to young people with problems. 

It isn’t strange that you want to enroll a child in a boarding school. These come with many benefits. The class sizes are smaller, so the students get more personalized learning opportunities. The environment is safe and the experience is unforgettable for most. 

But of course, this depends on what boarding school you choose, too.

Are Boarding Schools Easy to Study At?

Students have a lot of responsibilities in boarding schools. These schools aim to strengthen their knowledge and provide them with stronger and diverse skills. For that reasons, students are often assigned essay tasks and other assignments. While these are beneficial, they can easily turn into a challenge if the deadline is short or the task is complicated. Thankfully, when a student cannot complete their task on schedule, they can look for professional help. The idea is to go online and simply say write my research paper to a company that offers academic online help. This is one of the methods for students to facilitate their studies.

Yes, boarding schools put a lot of pressure on those that enroll in them, but that’s no reason to avoid sending a child there or enrolling there yourself. These programs are challenging because they offer a great deal of benefits to the students, and prepare them greatly for their future careers and life.

Now that online services are an option, there is no reason why students should avoid boarding schools. They can study and attend classes, do their papers, and whenever they find it too challenging, ask professionals for help.

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Top Boarding Schools in the World Today

Now that you know why boarding schools are a good idea and how to handle the challenges that come with it, let’s move on to the best part of this article – the list of top schools to consider. 

1-  St. George’s International School in Switzerland

This school was founded in 1927 by Lorna Southwell in Switzerland. What used to be a girls-only school changed into an establishment that accepts boys too in 1993. In 2022, the International Baccalaureate results of this boarding school had a 100% pass rate, and 48% of the students enrolled in St George’s passed with a score of 38+ points. 

In this boarding school, students can learn a lot, but they can also enjoy plenty of extracurricular activities like music, art, drama, IT, languages, athletics, etc. The cost is around $29,000 per year. 

2- Eton College in United Kingdom

Etton College is one of the top-rated educational institutions in Europe and worldwide. It’s known as “the chief nurse of England’s statemen” because many of the world leaders studied here. Not only politicians, but also royalty chose this school, including Prince Harry and Prince William. As it is one of the best rated in the world, the Eton College comes at a steeper price of around $68.000 a year. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

3- Taejon Christian International School in Korea

The Taejon Christian International School started working back in 1958 in Korea. It is the first three-program IB World School in this country, one that is known for the amazing experience opportunities for students and the perfectly planned curriculum. 

Students enrolled in this school will be based in a large, green campus overlooking Daejeon, the well-known techno valley. This is one of the most advanced areas in Asia, technologically speaking. It costs around $20,000 per year to study here. 

4- Amadeus International School Vienna in Austria

Those with an affinity for arts and music thrive in the Amadeus International School Vienna, a first-class boarding IB World School that has over 50 nationalities and an amazing program for future artists. Studying in this school costs from $13,300 up to $52, 350 per year. They have 400 students enrolled in it.


5- Bromsgrove International School in Thailand

Last but not least is one of the best boarding schools based in Asia, the Bromsgrove International School. There’s one more namesake school based in the UK. This school has over 4 centuries of experience and accepts boarding students aged 9 through 18. 

Even though the school is based in Asia, it uses British standards for the educational procedures. Its campus is nestled next to a big golf course and the price is set at around $9.000 a year. 

Wrapping Up

Have you been considering these boarding schools or some others? If you have, you won’t make a mistake regardless of which one you choose. They all offer top-notch conditions and education. 

Helen Birk

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Helen Birk is a psychologist and a career counselor. Her job is to help students find the solution to their academic problems, as well as guide them to best use their skills and knowledge. In addition to providing students with guidance in sessions, Helen also creates useful guides she publishes online.

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