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The Different Variations of Online Bingo

Bingo game

Bingo is a much-loved game that brings together a variety of people – it’s a great way to meet others who also enjoy playing! It first started off in land-based venues, but with evolving technology, the world of Bingo has completely changed.

With Bingo being invented in the 1500s, no one would have thought that there would be the possibility of online Bingo today! In fact, there is a range of different variations of the popular game in virtual form. 

A few of these variations will be explored here, so carry on reading to find your favorite…

90 Ball Bingo

Starting off with the most traditional game of Bingo – it’s similar to the games played in physical Bingo halls, which is why it’s so popular online. It’s a great option for when you don’t necessarily want to enter a real-life hall.

The aim of the game is to mark either one or two lines, or the big full house of matched numbers within 90 ball calls. 

Will you prefer going to a Bingo hall, or playing online? They both have their advantages and special features, so wherever you decide to try for the full house is up to you!

75 Ball Bingo

With fewer balls than the traditional version, 75-ball Bingo has better chances of players being successful. Although to be successful you must achieve a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal line of numbers, so there are more than enough ways to try your chances.

Why not try both and then decide whether you prefer 90 or 75-ball Bingo?


An even more modern edition of Bingo is Slingo! It’s a mix of your typical slot game and Bingo. So, you’ll have the standard Bingo card of numbers, whilst also spinning the reels to mark the numbers that show up.

A Slingo is achieved when five numbers diagonally, horizontally, or vertically are crossed off the card. Rules vary depending on where you play, so look out for differences before potentially achieving a Slingo!

Joker Bingo

If you prefer to play with cards, rather than just a numbered grid, this is the game for you – this game incorporates both of these aspects.

First, you’ll buy decks that have six cards. When you draw the joker card or cover all cards on a grid, you have achieved Bingo. With a fast-paced change to the classic game, see if you can keep up with a twist to your standard Bingo games!

Deal or No Deal Bingo

This is similar to the 90-ball version of Bingo, but instead, it’s influenced by the well-known game show that used to feature on British TV.

It incorporates the Deal or No Deal feature, where you choose to take home the jackpot, or the unknown prize in the red box, that you would’ve chosen at the beginning of the game.

So, will you find out what’s in the notorious red box?

With these five ways to play Bingo online, and more to explore, there’s enough choice for everyone to potentially take away prizes in these chance-based games!

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