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The Latin platform for influencers presents its new investors: Thalia and Sofia Vergara

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In 2021, four successful Latina women identified a problem and made the decision to found a company to solve it. They realized that there was a recurring deficiency in communication between influencers and brands , and that a platform was needed to facilitate the exchange of information linked to commercial projects that were worked on together. Alessandra Angelini (CNN journalist), Valeria Angelini (data analyst), Paula Coleman (Emmy nominated journalist) and Fefi Oliveira (actress and tiktoker with more than 6 million followers) came together to found Influur .

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Alessandra Angelini, who serves as CEO of the company, explained in a statement that “Influur was born from the communication difficulties between influencers and brands, an experience that we have all faced at some point in our careers. Together with my co-founders, we created a solution optimized from the perspective of influencers. This makes Influur the first platform where influencers can feel like they belong in a professional space.”

After a year of activity, the company announced that it obtained a seed capital round of $5 million dollars to accelerate its growth, backed by actresses Sofia Vergara and Thalia , as well as entrepreneurs from the music industry, Tommy Mottola and Lex Borrero, and the producer Luis Balaguer. High-profile influencers such as Juanpa Zurita , Danna Paola, Calle y Poché, and Evaluna Montaner also join the list.

The round was led by global venture capital firm Point72 Ventures .

Sofia Vergara explained in a statement: “Influur is a wonderful example of the power of smart, entrepreneurial young Latina women working together and supporting each other in the tech and influencer marketing industry to build something amazing.”

The platform has a reach of more than one billion people and helps simplify all aspects of influencer marketing in a simple and digital way that contemplates prospecting, negotiating and paying in one place.

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