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The Top 50 Fintech Companies Hiring for Remote, In person, and Hybrid Freelance Jobs 

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The fintech industry has disrupted the way we handle finances over the last decade, and for a good reason. It has streamlined banking, investments, and even scholarship application processes. As the industry paces ahead, forward-thinking fintech companies keep hunting for fresh talent. The demand for skilled experts to put on different professional shoes has been increasing. There’s no denying that the fintech industry needs skilled professionals capable of contributing to its growth and development.

The flexibility that employees can enjoy in the fintech sector makes these jobs lucrative. Currently, top fintech companies are hiring employees in remote, on-site, and freelancing positions. So, skilled professionals can choose to work from any location across the globe for the booming fintech industry.

Which are the leading fintech companies hiring employees?

Interestingly, some fintech companies in the US offer hybrid operational models. They are ready to combine on-site and remote skills, thanks to digital collaboration tools. In case you are bracing up to spearhead your career by being a part of the progressive industry, here’s your scope to grab!

In this article, we have listed 50 fintech companies that are hiring employees. Whether you are a financial analyst, developer, designer, or marketer, you can discover fresh career prospects with reputed fintech companies.


DFIN is a global company operating in the fintech, AI, and data privacy domains. The company is currently hiring candidates for different positions at its Illinois office in Chicago. Currently, this company has more than 2600 employees.


This company currently has 350 employees and continues to expand its remote pool of professionals. Self-Financial is known for offering affordable financial products to its clients. They also help individuals build credit responsibly.


Enfusion primarily focuses on fintech and software. The company is headquartered in Illinois and also operates in New York. The SaaS platform does away with traditional information boundaries. Employees can enjoy more than 49 benefits working at this company.

Kensho Technologies

Kensho Technologies has two offices in Cambridge and New York. The company leverages data to develop and implement sophisticated AI and ML capabilities to support better decision-making. Currently, the company has more than 100 employees and is consistently scaling up.

Human Interest

This company is hiring fully remote workers for its fintech, financial services, and other domains. The company aims to reduce the retirement savings gap. They have already raised $500 million and have substantial backing from leading investors.


The San Francisco-based company primarily deals with fintech, payments, and financial services. They have developed some innovative products to make credit affordable for their clients. This company currently has 1,400 employees and is scaling up fast.


Pinwheel has already established its success in fintech, IT, big data, software, and payments. This is a leading payroll connectivity API company that leading companies use for transactions. The New-York based company has over 87 employees.


SoFi is one of the pioneering fintech brands in the US, having established its presence over a decade. It creates financial products and services that help its clients invest, borrow, save, and spend responsibly. SoFi is hiring employees across its seven offices in the US.


Unanet provides CRM, ERP, and other digital solutions to its clients. Focussing on fintech and professional services, it serves over 3,000 project-driven organizations, helping them with actionable insights. This company is currently hiring remote-position employees.


Hiring across eight offices in the US, CashApp continues to be one of the leading fintech companies. The company initially started its operations with peer-to-peer payments but now has forayed into other domains. Users download their apps for investing, borrowing, and saving money.


Three cybersecurity engineers founded Bittrex in 2014 to leverage the blockchain industry through innovation. Currently, it focuses on fintech, web 3, and cryptocurrencies. The company is currently hiring employees in its Bellevue office.


Ascent has an established profile in domains like fintech, software, and AI. The company has shown a way to help clients make better cost savings. They are also using regulation AI to automate financial services for their clients and reduce monetary risks.

Beyond limits

Located in Glendale, Beyond Limits has developed a hybrid approach to AI. They combine AI with human expertise to deliver cognitive reasoning services. Apart from fintech, they specialize in AI, software, and healthcare.


Frontsteps is a resident engagement platform based in Denver, specializing in domains like mobile payments and professional services. They help clients remain informed, safe, and efficient on money matters. They are currently building a software platform for builders, PMCs, security companies, and HOAs.

Funding Circle

This is yet another Denver-based company hiring on-site employees. Over the last decade, the company has built a technology and ML platform to help small businesses access financing. The company offers more than 60 benefits to its 900+ strong employee pool.


Morningstar is a large fintech company with more than 12,600 employees operating at its two offices in Illinois and Chicago. Primarily focussing on fintech and financial services, they have developed technologies to address the varied needs of their clients.


This fintech company is hiring remote employees for their technology platform that helps their clients gain access to credit. The company caters to over 60 million US citizens, ensuring affordable credit access. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has rated the fintech firm A+.


Policygenius is a reputed online insurance marketplace with two offices in Durham and New York. They use sophisticated technology to help clients find affordable policies to cover their property, family, and finances.

Procare Solutions

Procare is a popular parent engagement and child care management tool. They focus on integrated payment processing and have experience in early education. This fintech company is currently hiring employees at its Denver office.


Tango has a fully remote workforce focussing on fintech, IT, cloud systems, software, and payment systems. They believe that incentives and rewards are more than transactions, and they have really transformed this concept into reality.


TrueML works on financial technology, prioritizing customer experience and enhancing their financial health. They work with a team of data scientists, customer experience fanatics, and financial service experts. Remote workers can check out these vacancies at TrueML.


Beyond Fintech, Order.Co works on eCommerce and software. The company simplifies buying processes for businesses and enables the platforms to spend efficiently. They have two offices in Las Vegas and New York and are currently hiring employees.


Tegus is a Chicago-based fintech, IT, and financial service provider. The company powers some of the esteemed institutional investors, consultancies, and corporations across the globe. They are looking forward to expanding their employees in addition to the existing 660 workers.


MetLife is a reputed fintech company working in the insurance sector. They have seven offices across the US and are currently working with 43,000 employees. They operate in over 40 markets across the globe and are building a diverse workforce.

Stride Funding

Startup Boston identified Stride Funding as the Startup of the Year in 2022. It is a mission-driven and venture-backed company streamlining access to education through financing. The Boston-based company is currently hiring employees in different positions.


Valon is a fintech solution provider focussing on the real estate industry. They assist homeowners with financing solutions. The company has a skilled team of operators, engineers, and product enthusiasts. So, if you wish to venture into mortgage servicing or related sectors, you can apply at Valon.

Episode Six

This is a reputed company focussing on payments technology. They work with other fintech brands and banks to design digital payment propositions for the market. Besides, the platform powers the payment journeys of its clients with flexible options.


Wisetrack works fully remotely and specializes in fintech, software, payments, and financial services. They have already built some consumer lending products, inculcating financial responsibility for their clients. Wisetrack streamlines the borrowing process through easily manageable EMIs.


This company, based in New York, works on fintech, automation, software, and financial services. Combining capital and capital, they help businesses scale up. They also offer smart technologies to their clients to save money.


Findings is into fintech, real estate, and software. This New York-based company helps residents lease buildings faster in a fair way. Currently, the company is hiring on-site workers and boasts a healthy work environment with more than 22 benefits.

Beyond Finance

Beyond Finance is a Chicago-based fintech company offering its clients personalized and unique technological solutions. They are focussing on debt resolution and other financial services. Employees here enjoy a healthy work-life balance.


Based in New York, this fintech company largely leverages AI, ML, and IT to craft alternative investment options. They have also taken remarkable data science initiatives with their cloud-based ML technology for data extraction. If you are willing to work in New York, you can apply with Canoe.


Capitalize specializes in fintech, financial services, software, and consumer web solutions. They are working to remove extra fees and friction involved in retirement savings systems. The company also helps its clients locate their old 401(k) digitally and get them transferred.


Based in Lakewood, FirstBank has more than 3,000 employees. They serve as the key technical force behind the largely locally-owned bank in Colorado. Apart from fintech, they focus on IT, security solutions, cybersecurity, and technology.

Mineral Tree

Mineral Tree is hiring fully remote workers for its diverse positions. The company works on domains like fintech, software, payments, and financial services. They aim to streamline time-intensive and tedious financial processes for their clients.

Pie Insurance

Pie Insurance has forayed into insurance and analytics as a leading fintech company. They have two offices in Washington and Denver with 470 employees. The teams use advanced technology and have a pool of insurance experts to reduce insurance expenses for their clients.


This is a New York-based company specializing in fintech, mobile payments, and software. They have launched a fintech app that eases up investment for millions of US citizens. They also have subscription plans that enable their clients to reach their financial goals through strategic investments.


Toast is a leading fintech solution provider working in industries such as food, software, cloud, and IT. They build digital solutions for restaurants, offering SaaS products backed by fintech to operate businesses and streamline payments during digital ordering and delivery.

Capital One

One of the largest fintech companies in the US, Capital One operates across 9 offices and has a strong 55,000 employees. The company emerged among the top brands in the 2016 InformationWeek Elite 100 section for its innovations.

The Guarantors

Streamlining fintech for the real estate industry, The Guarantors have eased up property renting. They also provide insurance products both for operators and residents during leasing. This way, they benefit both parties with better access to homes for renters.


This company, based in New York, leverages big data for fintech solutions. They have transformed technologies, serving the Investors Exchange with transparency in dealing with stocks. Besides, they have launched the IEX Cloud solution, which has gained popularity as a financial data platform.

Millennium Trust Company

This company has a fully remote workforce and is consistently growing. The firm offers financial services and personalized custody solutions to advisors, institutions, and individuals. Their digital solutions are fully flexible, and they educate their clients to enhance investment access.

Moov Financial

Moov Financial is a payments platform with a fully remote workforce. They ease up the process of accepting, storing, sending, and spending money through a robust API. Rather than stitching several vendors together, they add their products to their payment technology to streamline user onboarding, compliance, and licensing.


With its two offices in Austin and Chicago, Optiver has come down a long way over the last three decades. They have transformed trading technologies and continue to be a leading brand in the global market. The company largely focuses on pricing, risk management, and execution.


Workiva has emerged as the leading cloud platform in the world. Operating across 7 cities in the US, they have significantly streamlined regulatory, financial, and operational reporting. The company has developed fit-for-purpose technology solutions for its clients.


A leading company working on fintech, data, and software solutions, Addepar has built a platform to manage investment, professional wealth, and assets. They serve over 850 leading companies across 30 countries to make data-driven financial decisions.


A fintech company that collaborates with borrowers struggling to repay loans, January strives to enhance their client’s financial stability. They have helped creditors modernize the debt collection process, thus reducing harassment.

Northwestern Mutual

The two offices of this company are quite large, having more than 33,000 employees. The fintech company has designed solutions to enhance financial operations within organizations. Employees can enjoy more than 41 benefits working with this company.

Belvedere Trading

Based in Chicago, Belvedere Trading continues to be a leading trading form for proprietors. They specialize in commodity and equity index derivatives. The trading and technology experts have come up with low-latency proprietary technology to enhance the trading experience.

Anchorage Digital

This company has an established presence in fintech, blockchain, financial services, and cryptocurrency. They help their clients manage digital assets, focusing on usability and security. They also provide a robust infrastructure with advanced tools to enable participation in cryptocurrency trading.

Apply Now!

As the fintech market keeps expanding, new job opportunities open up for potential candidates. If you are keen to establish a strong career in fintech, it’s wise to explore the opportunities. Whether you are comfortable working remotely or on-site, you can choose from the list we have carefully curated for you. A gratifying career awaits you in the dynamic fintech sectors where you can craft better financial experiences for your clients.


What regulatory challenges are fintech companies facing in the US?

Although the fintech industry in the US is expanding rapidly, some are encountering a few regulatory issues. These include challenges in fulfilling stringent compliance needs, ensuring the data security of their clients, and addressing concerns over consumer protection.

What benefits do consumers gain from fintech solutions?

For consumers, fintech offers a plethora of benefits. Fintech has streamlined access to financial services, ensuring affordability and access. Besides, consumers can use personalized finance management tools. Transactions through fintech solutions are secure and faster. Some fintech companies have also rolled out solutions for underserved populations.

What are the main areas of fintech innovation in the US?

Over the last couple of decades, the US has been a hub for fintech innovation. The key areas of innovation include digital payments, robo-advisory services, peer-to-peer lending, digital insurance processing, and cybersecurity solutions.

Would it be wise to work in the fintech sector?

Yes, the fintech sector in the US is rapidly growing. Leading fintech companies are hiring employees both on-site and remotely. So, it’s wise to be a part of a progressive industry if you have relevant skills. Employees working in the fintech sector in the US enjoy tremendous growth potential.

How is fintech transforming traditional banking systems?

Fintech has significantly revolutionized traditional banking systems. Leading fintech companies have introduced digital banking solutions. This makes it easier for clients to make seamless online transactions. Fintech users also benefit from easier lending processes and personalized financial management. This significantly enhances their banking experiences and security.

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