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‘This Is Chaotic’: The Internet Is Losing It Over Pedro Pascal’s ‘Violent’ Starbucks Order

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Actor Pedro Pascal has been everywhere lately, thanks to the smash success of HBO’s “The Last of Us,” where Pascal stars as Joel Miller. And thanks to his often hilarious interview anecdotes, he’s also become social media fodder.

Now, a new video featuring the actor is going viral. But it isn’t Pascal’s million-watt smile or kindness catching people’s attention — it’s his Starbucks order.

In an original clip posted to TikTok by a user named Alexa, Pascal is stopped on the street to sign a baby Yoda toy as an homage to his role in the Disney+ “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian.”

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In the clip, Pascal is clutching a Starbucks cup with his order fully on display, prompting eagle-eyed viewers and the original TikTok poster to zoom in and see exactly what that is in a second video which has now been viewed over 6.8 million times.

@alexafromspace Daddy needs his coffee every morning to carry the entire world and a fandom over his shoulders #pedropascal #pedropascalstarbucks #starbucksdrinks #pedropascaledit #zaddy #fyp #espressotiktok ♬ Hey Sexy Lady [Feat. Brian & Tony Gold] – Shaggy

Per the receipt, his order is an iced quad expresso (aka four shots of espresso) in a venti cup over extra ice with an additional two shots — bringing his total order to an arguably alarming six shots of espresso.

While most people would be seeing the moon with that level of caffeine, Pascal is known for his consistent, laid-back energy, so viewers were in stitches trying to figure out how he could possibly take that all back in one go.

“That is a violent amount of coffee,” one user joked.

“This is chaotic but somehow exactly what I figured he’d order,” another pointed out.

Starbucks aficionados in the comment section clarified that even though the order said “quad espresso” and “six shots,” it didn’t mean that Pascal ordered 10 shots total, but just that it’s the way that Starbucks’ system rings up the six shots.

To put into perspective just how much caffeine that order entails (keeping in mind that the espresso isn’t being cut or diluted with water or milk), one shot of espresso at Starbucks contains 75 milligrams of caffeine. Six shots, which is what Pascal ordered, is roughly 450 milligrams of caffeine.

According to the FDA, the amount of caffeine considered “safe” for adult daily use is 400 milligrams, also noting that the average adult consumes roughly 135 milligrams of caffeine per day.

This means that, in his one order, Pascal is consuming over 3.4 times as much caffeine as the average American adult has in a day.

Starbucks nor Pascal have commented publicly on the clip, but it’s safe to say for those new or seasoned in the land of espresso, tread carefully when ordering the actor’s special.

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