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This Is The Most Expensive Castle In The World

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At some point in everyone’s life. The thought of living in a majestic historical castle has crossed their mind. We think about it daily, but rather than one that’s damp and dingy. How about one that’s been described as the most expensive castle in the world that being ashford castle in ireland? Today, we’re, going to peek into the history of this massive structure.

We’ll, see how it was built over 800 years ago and was later turned into a luxury five-star hotel. We’ll, then see what delights the hotel holds today, such as the incredible facilities and the very decadent rooms.

So let’s get started today. Ashford castle is based within a 350-acre estate for perspective, that’s over three times bigger than vatican city at 110 acres. The castle is based in county mayo in western ireland.

It overlooks the lake of lok korev and is near the village of kong. The castle was even featured in a book by sir william wilde, the father of iconic writer, oscar wilde, plus the castle was a location in the 1952 film by john ford, the quiet man.

In fact, the castle offers guests the chance to watch it complimentary from their rooms or from the hotel’s. Cinema ashford castle was originally built in 1228 by the anglo-norman de burgo family, also known as the house of burke.

It remained in the family’s care until 1589.. Richard bingham, who served under queen elizabeth, the first during the tudor conquest of ireland and later became the governor of connect, became the new owner.

He took ownership after battling the deburgos. Later ashford was gifted to dominic brown, a former mayor of galway. The brown family would add a french-esque chateau to the grounds by 1852. The castle was picked up by sir benjamin guinness from the family that made the famous drink and later the world records guinness began.

Renovating the estate he built many roads in and around ashford, as well as planted over 1 000 trees on the estate ashford, had its large size extended much further. At one point, the estate took up 26 000 acres, that’s, seven and a half times as big as the los angeles airport.

Benjamin then passed the castle onto his son, arthur guinness, also known as lord ardelon during 1868.. By 1915, after arthur’s, passing ashford was given into the ivic trust a group created by his brother, edward by 1939.

It was then picked up by noel hugert, who turned the historic location into a hotel. In 1970, the hotel changed hands once again, as john mulkay took over, he ended up building the golf course on the grounds.

In 1985, a consortium of irish americans decided to purchase the castle for a reported 7 million dollars around 17.5 million dollars. Today, one of those investors was billionaire chuck feeney, who splashed out seventy thousand dollars, feeney co-founded the duty-free shoppers group and has famously spent years giving away his fortune.

Other investors included irish rugby players, sir anthony o’reilly and former pittsburgh steelers owner dan rooney. During this time, the hotel became internationally renowned during 2007. Jerry barrett bought the castle for 50 million euros around 70.

8 million dollars. At the time, however, by 2011 ashford castle went into receivership and control was handed to the bank of scotland by 2012. Ashford was put on the market with an asking price of 25 million euros around 32.

5 million dollars at the time the following year. In 2013, the castle was sold to red carnation hotels, who are owned by the south african firm, the travel corporation. They picked up ashford for a reduced 20 million euros around 25.

9 million dollars. According to reports, the castle then underwent extensive renovations at the cost of around 50 million dollars. Since it’s, an award-winning hotel, it offers a range of activities to keep their guests entertained.

For those looking for a bit of tlc there’s, the option of visiting the spa facilities include a relaxation pool a fitness suite treatment rooms, a hamam, the essence-infused steam rooms and showers. One of the treatments available is the natura bise diamond experience.

Life infusion ritual the hotel claims, the ritual is quote innovative treatment to reverse skin aging and provide a lifted perfected appearance, the art of rejuvenation. Unquote. This 90 minute ritual will set you back 250 euros around 300 there’s.

Also, the signature ashford castle ritual the one-hour treatment, cost 155 euros around 185 dollars. As we mentioned earlier, golf fans will be able to enjoy the nine hole course on site the course wasn’t.

Actually, the estate’s deer park in the past. If you’re, a paying guest of the hotel, you don’t have to pay any green fee. If you’re a non-resident the course will cost you. 60 euros or 72 dollars. If you want to play, but don’t, have any clubs renting some will cost 50 euros around 60.

If you’re feeling extravagant, there are other extras available, such as journeying the course on a higher golf buggy for an additional 50 euros. If you’re, not getting your fill of animals at the country estate, then ashford has you covered.

You can take part in what the hotel calls the oldest falconry school in ireland. They offer a service called hawk walks. This is essentially going on a stroll through woodlands, with an instructor whilst coordinating the flight of your very own hawk.

The one hour session costs 95 euros or 114 dollars per person, while the 90-minute trek costs 125 euros around 150. If you’d rather just eat and drink during your stay well, ashford castle has a range of restaurants and bars to keep you happy.

One of the restaurants is the george v dining room, while still the prince of wales george visited ashford back in 1905.. In 1910, he became the king of the uk. The dining room offers an eight-course tasting menu that can cost up to 270 euros or 323 dollars per person.

If you’re thirsty, they have a bottle of krug close dion bonet champagne from 2000 that cost 7 500 euros nearly 9 000 leaning into the castle design there’s. Also, the irish bistro called the dungeon.

Their most expensive dish is martin jennings rib eye for two that costs 80 euros. Around 96 ashford castle is home to 83 rooms altogether. The cheapest one available is the korib room at 725 euros around 866 dollars per night.

The bedroom comes with egyptian cotton bed linen for extra comfort. Other amenities include an in-room bar bluetooth, speaker, deluxe, voya, toiletries and more. The most expensive room at ashford is the reagan presidential suite the cost per night is a massive 4 500 euros or 5 067.

The split level suite holds a bedroom, a main bathroom, a small bathroom and a sitting area. It’s located in the oldest wing of the castle and has an original fireplace amenities include complimentary, kanapes delivered every evening, a writing desk 24-hour housekeeping and more.

If you want extra privacy during your stay, then the hideaway cottage may be for you located on the shores of loch korib. This former boathouse dates back to when the guinness family owned. The estate.

Amenities include jack murphy, jackets and wellington boots to take home a lakeside, private, dining, terrace, private access, a blue murano, glass, chandelier and more it’ll, currently set you back, 2 500 euros around 2 989 dollars per night.

Final fact finish in case: moving to ireland has garnered your interest. You could go for the abbey lay estate based in the province of leinster. This massive mansion was designed in 1773 and has nine bedrooms and ten bathrooms with one thousand one hundred twenty acres of land.

All together, this property is currently the most expensive house for sale in ireland at 20 million euros, nearly 23.9 million dollars. Thanks for watching we’ll, see you next time.



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