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TikTokers Boycott Amazon Over Alleged Employee Mistreatment: ‘None of Us Will Take Any Sponsorships’

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok within the last year or so, you’ve probably come across at least one influencer showing off something they ordered from Amazon and telling viewers they can shop the same item through the link in the creator’s bio.

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The link usually brings viewers to the influencer’s Amazon Storefront, a customized Pinterest-like landing page where viewers can shop directly from the creators they watch — and giving the creator a commission for each purchase.

But now, some influencers are rallying against Amazon, claiming unfair treatment, and calling for a boycott. The movement is called the People Over Prime pledge.

“Amazon is exploiting their workers and busting worker-led unionization efforts,” the pledge reads. “As of August 16th, 2022, creators all over TikTok are joining together to stand in solidarity with Amazon workers and union organizers by refusing to monetize our platforms for Amazon, including all direct Amazon sponsorships and usage of Amazon’s storefront.”

So far, over 70 creators with a combined following of 51 million users have signed on in an attempt to help the Amazon Labor Union, whose demands include a $30 minimum wage, additional PTO, and two paid 30-minute breaks on top of one hour-long paid lunch break per day, among other requests.

People Over Prime was started by Gen Z for Change, an activist group of young TikTokers taking stance on social issues being faced.

“None of us will take any sponsorships from Amazon or work with them in general until they let the workers unionize and meet their demands,” TikToker Connor Hessee said in a video on the platform. “They will no longer be able to rely on creators to advertise their brand.”

TikTokers have begun “challenging” one another to sign the pledge and if the creators that they nominate decide to sign, they make a video explaining why and continue to tag other creators to join in, thus starting a chain reaction.

“All that we’re wanting Amazon to do is just meet these simple requirements and for them to just listen to their workers so that these changes can be made,” TikToker Ivan Surbabano said in his pledge video, referring to the list of the Amazon Workers Union demands.

Entrepreneur has reached out to Amazon for comment.

Amazon workers nationwide have been working towards union votes state by state, the most recent of which happened in Albany, New York when workers filed a petition for a union election this week.

Over the last few years, Amazon employees have made allegations of racism, aggressive surveillance, and even being forced to urinate in water bottles due to inadequate break times.

“We have zero tolerance for racism or retaliation of any kind, and in many cases these complaints come from individuals who acted inappropriately toward co-workers and were terminated as a result,” Amazon spokeswoman Leah Seay told NBC News last month amid the accusations. “We work hard to make sure our teams feel supported, and will always stand by our decision to take action if someone makes their colleagues feel threatened or excluded.”

Amazon was down roughly 11% in a one-year period as of Thursday afternoon.

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