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Tips For Getting A Late Checkout From A Hotel

Tips For Getting A Late Checkout From A Hotel

If you are staying in one of the opulent Sharjah hotels and want to stay a little longer in your hotel room or need a place to hang out while you wait for your flight to depart, a late checkout option may come in handy. But how to get it?

In most cases, you may have to pack your bags up in the morning of the last day of your stay if you have to leave your destination in the afternoon or the evening. However, individuals who check out late can still use their rooms to work, sleep, or simply store their possessions until they check out in the late afternoon. 

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Luxury hotel room in Sharjah, UAE

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Luxury hotel room in Sharjah, UAE

What’s more, you may get a late checkout almost every time you stay at a luxury hotel if you know how to get it. All you need to understand, including how to ask for it and some helpful hints for acquiring it, will be covered in this article.

What does a late checkout mean?

A useful yet under appreciated bonus you can get from a hotel is the permission to check out late. When a hotel offers a late checkout for free, it allows you to stay in your room past the scheduled checkout time. And keep enjoying all hotel’s activities!

When to ask for a late checkout time?

You can request a late checkout at any time. 

Call the hotel on the day of check out

Calling the hotel on the day you check out is the most efficient or ideal time to request a late checkout. You can ask for it by calling them early in the morning. Most of the time, they will permit you a late check out at the same time or inform you after speaking with their manager. However, they sometimes charge a little more for the delayed checkout.

At the time of booking

When you make your hotel reservation, you can ask for a late checkout. If you prefer a late checkout, you can request it over the telephone or on the hotel app or website.

home office
Hotel booking at home

A hotel cannot guarantee a late checkout, for you usually reserve a hotel many days, weeks, or even months beforehand. Sending an email to the hotel management with your request is another strategy that can be effective at this time. You can improve your chances of getting a late checkout by writing a polite note highlighting how you are hoping for your hotel stay.

During the time of checking in

When checking in, you can also ask for a late checkout. The hotel will most likely inform you that they cannot guarantee it until the day when you check out. However, it is a smart option to let the hotel management know if you think you may require to stay a little longer.

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Reception – Picture by La Réserve Eden au Lac

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Reception – Picture by La Réserve Eden au Lac

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Reception desk at La Réserve Eden au Lac

There is a possibility that you will be granted a late checkout if you reserve rooms through premium websites or with premium cards. Some websites reveal it at the time of booking, while some others allow you to have it. Hence, it is advisable to read the benefits of your credit cards before making a reservation.

How to make a late checkout request?

You should have a good cause for asking for a late checkout if you genuinely want one. A simple desire to sleep in may not be enough to convince the hotel to let you check out late, so think of other strong justifications.

Businessman pressing bell at hotel reception
Ready to ask for a delayed checkout

Here are several valid justifications for such a request:

  • You have a delayed flight or train.
  • Your departure got canceled or delayed unexpectedly
  • The meeting may take a far longer time than you anticipated.
  • Your ground transportation has been rescheduled or delayed.
  • You have run out of energy.
  • You are there for a special event (anniversary, honeymoon, etc.)
  • You want to visit the spa or have food at the restaurant, which will benefit the hotel.
  • It’s bad weather, and you are waiting for it to pass
  • The program was postponed or canceled.

Before you call, make sure you are very polite and use your charm to win over the service member. Being polite to the hotel management will help you get a late checkout. If you have stayed in the same hotel a few times, you can mention it as an advantage. 

What time should a late checkout occur?

Regarding a late checkout time, elite members can ask for it at the last moment. Instead of giving you a precise time upfront, they typically ask you when you need it.

When it comes to offering you one extra hour after regular checkout times, hotels can be rather kind, but mostly VIPs or selected guests are granted this privilege. Hence, if you need two hours extra, request three or four instead because they will agree to half of it.

Things you can do if that’s not possible

If your hotel does not allow late checkout, you can opt for the options such as: 

Entry to a lounge

Some hotels will permit you to stay in the lounge until the time you need to leave if you have access to the lounge because of your accommodation or because you are an elite guest.

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Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

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Waldorf Astoria’s lounge in Las Vegas

Maybe, you can hang out in the pub or a cafe if you can’t get into the lounge.

Request to keep your bags

The hotel may still be willing to keep your bags while you go outside if you can’t stay past the regular checkout time. Most of the time, they would provide this service without charging anything.

Pay for half a day

Consider paying for late checkout or a half-day stay if you are unable to receive a free extension of your checkout time. 


Receiving a delayed checkout in Sharjah hotels is obtaining extra time to stay in the hotel without spending extra money. You can extend your booking by employing all of these strategies. The best way to proceed is to get elite status in a hotel club. For a positive outcome, you need to ensure that the staff concerned is aware of your genuine requirement for a late checkout.

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