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Top 10 Largest Pyramid Schemes

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Whether you see it as an upside down triangle swear it’s, not a ponzi scheme or call it an mlm, aka, multi-level marketing. If it looks like a pyramid and sounds like a pyramid, it’s, a pyramid scheme, they bank, on entrepreneurial people, buying into the dream of one day moving up the pyramid by having everyone downstream sell for them the benefit from a network-based sales force.

Without the costs of a shop front or salaries, so if you could just give us a moment of your time, we would like to tell you about the top 10 largest pyramid schemes. Number 10 tupperware annual sales, two billion dollars – u.

s tupperware – might just be the og of the pyramid movement. They started with their home-based tupperware sales parties in 1948.. Since then, they’ve, been the household name and storing leftovers and keeping cereal fresh.

They target moms and market their food prep systems, while offering big savings for anyone hosting a tupperware party in their home. It’s, a business model that’s still used today in mlms number: nine co-way annual sales, 2.

5 billion us dollars. Co-A started in 1989 in korea. This multi-level marketing company is now an international name in water and air purifier products, as well as vacuum, cleaners, bidets and food waste and sewage treatment solutions for households.

They offer once-off sales, as well as the rental services of their products. Even mattress rentals believe it or not some of the pyramid schemes on this list even sell more outlandish products than bidets stick with us and elixirs don’t.

Forget you. Can click subscribe at any point while watching so you don’t miss any of our daily videos? Number eight, the three billion dollar triplets natura mary, kay and perfect. We didn’t feel like we could mention one of these beauty care.

Mlms without the other, but they all turn over in the three billion dollar range. Natira is a brazilian company that boasts 6.6 million consultants worldwide. Perfect is often thought of as a chinese avon equivalent, but if avon sold wine and laundry detergent on top of beauty products and mary kay is the american in the sisterhood well known for their offer of free makeup consultations.

Now, if you landed on this video, because you’re searching for a way to make an income, have you ever considered crypto, it can feel like a pyramid scheme at the start. But if you know what you’re doing it’s, an excellent investment alex created, bitcoin essentials, a blockchain and bitcoin resource for those of you who want to get started with crypto, go to alux.

com bitcoin and enroll. Now number seven varverk annual sales, 4.3 billion us dollars, vorbirk specializes in german, engineered home appliances, their thermomix cooking appliance – is a firm favorite, as are their vacuum cleaners.

What started in 1883, as a small, family-run business selling high-end carpets has reinvented itself through wars and revolutions. The latest acquisition of jafra in 2004 added skin and body care products and cosmetics to their table, the german-based company states they have over 590 000 sales reps in over 70 countries, number six infinitis annual sales, 4.

5 billion us dollars. China’s. Infinitis is the parent company with a huge family of well-known brands under it? Likum clean, for example, is their cooking brand recognized worldwide botrio skin care are popular, especially for their whitening products.

The benalife health pillow is their posture, pillow brand, and then they have the infinitus named range of tonics and natural supplements promoting traditional chinese wellness medicines. They have faced many lawsuits when sales reps have given bad health advice, which has led to illness or even death.

The company has been around since 1994 and promotes its products in over 100 countries, number 5 new skin annual sales, 4.68 billion us dollars. Nu skin is a u.s originating mlm that’s, spread to a network of over 1.

2 million sales reps across the world. New skin products are popular for their affordable skin care range and spa tools, as well as their pharmanx supplement and weight loss brand. Like many mlms on this list, new skin and pharmanex have paid out millions to settle lawsuits based on making unsubstantiated health claims about their products.

Number 4. herbalife annual sales, 4.9 billion dollars u.s there aren’t. Many people left on the planet who haven’t, had a body scan or been given some free herbalife shake powder like all good mlms, the first one’s free after that it’s, relentless recruiting to stay in the Herbalife loop herbalife is one of the most recognized names in the multi-level marketing business.

As early as 1996, they had a net worth of 250 million dollars and although their triangle-shaped recruitment business model is clearly a pyramid scheme, somehow they manage to fly under the radar. Even in countries where pyramid schemes are illegal and like many others, they’ve, been embroiled in many scandals about the claims they make about their products.

Number three avon annual sales, five and a half billion dollars u.s. Even if you don’t need anything when you pick up an avon cosmetics and toiletries catalog by the time you flip through it, you’ll, have an order jotted down there’s, something about their unassuming zine-like sales material.

That catches one off guard to the tune of five and a half billion dollars in sales. In 2018. they sport a sales team of 6.4 million people worldwide and claim the title of the second fastest growing direct selling company in the world number two market: america, annual sales, 7.

3 billion dollars u.s in 1992, former amway distributors, jr and lauren rittinger founded market america. It offers a similar list of products to amway such as household cleaning supplies, jewelry, cosmetics and health and weight loss supplements and, in addition, websites and water purifiers.

It’s, quite a mixed bag of offerings. Despite the name market, america is big in canada. Spain, taiwan, china, australia and singapore too, and what we can only imagine is a brilliant marketing move in 2010.

They bought the shopping comparison website, but they’ve, been in a lot of hot water over their company’s history in 1999. They were accused of securities fraud and settled the case for 2 million in penalties.

They’ve, also been accused of being in a legal pyramid scheme faced breach of contract and employment, violation, charges, corruption and racketeering and false product claims. It’s, a rap sheet, almost as long as their product list number 1.

amway annual sales, 8.8 billion us dollars. Amway is short for american way and it was founded in 1959 by jay van andel and richard devos in 2018, forbes named amway, the 42nd largest privately held company in the u.

s and number one on their direct selling news global 100 list amway and sister company alticore Conduct business in over 100 territories globally, since their first move out of the us in 1971 to australia, they haven’t stopped, adding new countries to their sales territories.

In 2014 they launched a loyalty card program in russia. Partnered with alpha bank called alpha. Amway but their business practices have been investigated in many countries under suspicion of running a pyramid scheme and have paid tens of thousands of dollars in fines, but have never been found guilty.

So alexers have you ever been involved in a pyramid scheme? How did it work out, for you tell us in the comments below we love it when you share now you stuck with us until the end. Of course, we ‘

Ve got a bonus, crowd one scam or pyramid scheme, and is there a difference in 2020, unqualified endorsements of crowd 1 spread through south africa faster than kovid crowd, 1 described itself as one of the first digital multi-level marketing companies to address the challenges of long-term sustainability.

So what do they sell? Well, we’re, not entirely sure there seems to be an investment element, as you buy packages which allows you to recruit people under you, and then you get a commission from those sales.

Then you get education, but when bbc news africa investigated the education packages were some really sketchy and borrowed videos that are normally free online. The south african financial sector conduct authority also investigated and warned the public against crowd one.

They confirmed that crowd. One is not authorized to render the financial services it claims to provide there’s, also no record of this entity having applied for a license with the fsca. So, while local celebrities and crowd 1 themselves defend themselves completely, it looks like a ponzi scheme strikes again thanks for watching alexers.

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