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TOP 25 Websites And Apps To Make Money For Free At Home

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Chances are, you could do with a little more cash in your wallet. We ‘ Ve got good news for you, because there are a ton of options with which you can achieve just that, no matter your location and educational qualifications.

In this video we’re, giving you a roundup of 25 websites and apps to make money for free at home. Let’s begin number 25 coupon. Chief. Every day you probably come across loads of coupon codes on the internet and they’re, often for brands and services.

You’re, not interested in, so you simply scroll past, but did you know there’s a way for you to make money for every new coupon code? You see, submit them to coupon chief and you can make two percent every time.

Someone uses a coupon you submitted and for you this can add up to as much as a hundred and forty dollars a month number 24 text broker. If your talents lean more towards the literary side we’ve got a website for you, too.

Text broker connects companies with writers like you to get the job done there’s, a wide range of writing gigs available here on tons of different topics, and as for how much time or energy you want to spend writing for text broker every month.

It’s all in your hands. Number 23 one class, this one’s for you college students out there. You probably have a lot of notes lying around from all the courses you’ve taken. But if you want to get paid for taking class notes just head over to oneclass, once you sign up and become an official notetaker, you can earn 470 for every set of notes.

You submit for classes that you’re already taking number 22 nevo ai has advanced by leaps and bounds, but that’s thanks to everyone who helped test it behind the scenes. This is exactly what you can do on nevo, where you get paid just for identifying objects or certain words.

It’s, work that doesn’t feel like work and if you can make 180 a month what’s, not to like number 21 user testing user testing is one of many websites that help companies get real user insight. On their services, what this means for you is that you get paid to do short, simple tasks and you get to make 18 per test.

Add it all up and you can make hundreds per month – number 20 youtube. If you really want to make big bucks, then here’s, an option for you and it might be a surprising one. People have made loads of money through youtube, even thousands or millions a month, and there’s.

No reason you can’t do the same either, but if you need some extra help to kick-start your influencer career, keep watching number 19 share a sale. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on your youtube channel and share a sale.

Just makes it that much easier sign up here and you can join any of their affiliate programs and they’ve got tons. Last year, affiliates made over a billion dollars in commission number 18 rev. There’s, a lot of money to be found in doing the little jobs you don’t, usually think about.

We tend to take youtube video subtitles for granted, but sign up on rev to transcribe youtube videos and earn some extra cash making hundreds of dollars a week, just by watching youtube sure, sounds like a dream: number 17 gas buddy.

If you have a car, you obviously must buy gas on a regular basis, but keep a hold of your gas receipts and upload them on an app like gas buddy. That pays you to help them track gas prices. Getting paid for something you already do makes this one a no-brainer number 16 redbubble redbubble is a massive online marketplace that sells high quality everyday products by independent artists.

So if you want a pillowcase with an obscure band lyric on it chances are you’ll find it here, but that also means you can make money off of your niche interests and upload your own art for other people to buy making this an Excellent source of passive income number 15 etsy, but if you have bigger ideas in store than just art, go for a website like etsy, sell your handmade creations and earn money depending on how many customers you get so whether you make floral arrangements or pet food etsy Has a spot for you and with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, so do your customers number 14 respondent? There are lots of websites that pay you to fill out surveys, but respondent is one of the more reliable options.

If you’re lucky, you can make a hundred dollars in 30 minutes. They do only send you surveys for your particular demographic, so you might have to wait a while to get a good one, but when you do it’s worth it number 13.

Google opinion reward. If it’s, google, you know it’s legit. This is a great way to earn some extra cash in your downtime install the app fill out the given surveys on your way to work and you get paid instantly.

Although the payout isn’t a lot, it definitely adds up after a while and the tasks are super easy number 12 kindle. If you have a flare of writing and some creativity at your disposal, writing ebooks might just make you a small fortune.

Kindle pays you a small commission on every single book you sell and if your book is popular enough, it’s. Free money, so get out your pen and get ready to write the next bestseller number 11 audible.

If you successfully written your own ebook, you may as well go the extra mile and upload it onto audible as an exclusive. Your masterpiece can get you 40 commission on every download number 10 essay pro.

If you went to college, you probably had a few essay assignments that you had no idea how to write. But this is where websites like essay pro come in and if you’re, a good enough writer, you can easily make money by writing essays on those tough questions.

Number nine scripted writers have a lot of options out there, but scripted can make you tons of money from their copywriting gigs select the job you want to do and earn 10 cents for every word. You write to help.

People grow their businesses number eight online book club, avid readers can make a little extra cash just by reading and reviewing books online book club sends you free books every month, and you can pick whichever one looks good to write a review for your honest opinion.

They can pay anywhere between five and sixty dollars and you can even win amazon vouchers, number seven online verdict for those interested in legal cases or true crime. This is a website where you can actually get paid to read some documents and pass your verdict guilty or not guilty, and the fun part is that these are real cases about to head to a real jury.

Making this a super cool way to earn a lot of money number six swagbucks swagbucks is a great option. If you want gift cards or some extra cash, just by doing simple tasks, watch videos or use a particular search engine and earn tons of swag buck points that you then converted to paypal cash.

This is a super popular website that thousands of people are using every day so sign up. If you want to get started, number five swagbucks does have one catch, though it isn’t a great way to make a lot of money.

Since you only get tasks for your particular demographic, but to fix that feel free to sign up for some more similar websites to make sure you’ve got everything covered, and for that you can use gain.

gg number four just answer there’S probably one thing in your life: you know a ton about, maybe you’re, passionate about gardening or even a qualified doctor with just answer you can get paid for transferring your knowledge to other people by answering questions or phone calls, and by earning Two thousand to seven thousand dollars a month.

You’re, likely to never have financial troubles again number three school solver. If you were a straight, a student in school or even had a single subject, you excelled in then tutoring could be an excellent option.

There are many struggling kids out there waiting for someone like you to help them and they’re ready to pay. You tons of money for your assistance. Number two amazon, mechanical turk for those who didn’t get a college degree or amazing grades.

You’ve got nothing to worry about amazon. Mechanical turk pays you for tagging objects or verifying addresses super easy data, entry tasks that can make you a quick buck and number one fiverr. A lot of these websites take their own cut because they’re connecting you with relevant companies and employers.

But if you’re ready to do your own marketing, set up your own gig on fiverr and revel in the joy of not having to pay a massive commission.


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