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Venice International Film Festival: 3 Homes in La Serenissima

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In its 80th year, the International Venice Film Festival is the oldest of the “Big Five” (with Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, and Toronto), and its Golden Lion, for best film, is one of cinema’s most prestigious awards.  

Over the last eight decades, the Golden Lion has recognized films of all genres, many of which became revered classics: Rashomon, Belle de Jour, The Battle of Algiers, Last Year at Marienbad, Atlantic City, and Gloria. The octogenarian shows no sign of slowing down. 

Major screenings play in the 1,400-seat theater of the historic Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido de Venezia, a barrier island in the Venice Lagoon. After the end credits roll, though, the star attraction remains: The ancient canal city itself, La Serenissima (Most Serene).  

To honor the festival, we present luxury homes in the heart of Venice, each of them worthy of the limelight and the red carpet.  

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