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Victoria’s Secret and Pink Brands CEO Suddenly Resigns After Less Than One Year

Women’s lingerie behemoth Victoria’s Secret has weathered some tough years, and the company’s latest shakeup indicates that trouble may still be ahead.

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Amy Hauk, who serves as CEO of Victoria’s Secret and Pink brands, has resigned and will be leaving the company on March 31, per an SEC filing from January 3. Her official date of resignation was December 27, 2022.

Hauk’s resignation comes less than a year after she was appointed CEO of Victoria’s Secret last July, after formerly being the CEO of just the Pink brand since 2018.

The news comes on the heels of Victoria’s Secret successful acquisition of Adore Me, Inc., an internet-based intimates startup founded in 2011. The reported $400 million acquisition is positioned to help Victoria’s Secret grow in the digital space.

“From the beginning, we evaluated Adore Me as a two-for-one opportunity – a technology-led, digital-first innovator in the intimates category and a highly efficient, growing, and profitable standalone business model,” said Victoria’s Secret & Co. CEO Martin Waters in a company release. “I am thrilled with the swift completion of the acquisition and excited to welcome the entire Adore Me team into the VS&Co family.”

Waters will take over Hauk’s position in brand leadership upon her departure.

Hauk made a strong stance last summer when she publicly responded to a viral song by popular TikTok singer/songwriter Jax called “Victoria’s Secret,” which called out the lingerie company for encouraging unrealistic body standards for women, even making references to contentious former CEO Les Wexner.

On the official Victoria’s Secret Instagram account, Hauk penned a letter written to the “VS Community” thanking the singer and doubling down that the company makes “no excuses for the past” and that she and her team were committed to inclusivity moving forward.

“As CEO of Victoria’s Secret and Pink, I can wholeheartedly say that we are all committed to building a community where everyone feels seen and respected,” Hauk penned. “And if we mess up or can do better, we want to know.”

The incident came one month after the release of Hulu’s docuseries Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons which depicted Wexner’s downfall, including his ties to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Haux has not yet released a statement about her impending departure from the company.

Victoria’s Secret & Co. was down over 41% in a one-year period as of Wednesday afternoon.

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