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Video: Tanker Truck Fire Causes Horrifying Highway Collapse on I-95, Could Take ‘Months’ to Repair

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Disaster stuck on Interstate 95 on Sunday when a portion of the highway near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania completely collapsed.

A giant tanker truck full of “hundreds of gallons” of gasoline caught on fire near the Cottman Avenue exit around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, shutting down highway traffic in both directions.

The Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management noted several closures and detours along I-95 by North Philadelphia and advised travelers to expect delays and plan ahead for alternate routes to get to and from work.

“The Philadelphia Fire Department placed the fire under control around 7:30 a.m. on June 11, 2023,” the Philadelphia OEM said in a release. “Multiple City and state agencies are responding to address impacts to residents in the area and travelers affected by the road closure. We will share more details as they become available.”

Witnesses took to social media to share videos and photos from the harrowing scene, many seeing massive clouds of smoke and fire and others witnessing the aftermath of the collapse.

Another social media user posted a clip early Monday afternoon of what appears to be the mostly disintegrated remains of the tanker truck being hauled away from the scene.

“Interstate 95 is a critical artery that supports our economy and plays an important role in Pennsylvanians’ day-to-day lives. My Administration is all hands on deck to repair this safely and as efficiently as possible,” Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro said in a statement. “We will rebuild and recover – and in the meantime, we will make sure people can get to where they need to go safely.”

The Governor’s office noted that fixing and rebuilding the damaged interstate is “expected to take a number of months” and that an exact timeline is expected to be announced in a number of days.

“We ask motorists to exercise care and patience for their personal safety and the safety of other motorists and first responders,” Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Colonel Christopher Paris said. “Those who cannot avoid driving on Philadelphia-area highways should slow down, avoid distractions, and follow the direction of first responders.”

The number of related deaths or injuries has not been determined.

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