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What Do Hip-Hop, Underwear and AI Have in Common? Watch This Episode of ‘Elevator Pitch’ to Find Out.

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If there’s one sentence uttered the most in the Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch lobby, it is this: “I should have practiced more.”

And this episode is no exception. As one entrepreneur learns, giving your pitch in the comfort of your own home is a lot different than doing it with a camera and countdown clock in your face. You start to sweat, and your mind goes blank — it can be a nightmare.

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And as other entrepreneurs have learned, getting into the boardroom is just step one. Now the hard part begins: selling yourself (and business) to a board of investors who aren’t shy about asking tough questions. And if you don’t know your numbers backward and forward? Sorry, the exit door is that way.

But if you have that magic combination of a great idea, a passionate personality, and the fearlessness to ask for what you need to succeed? Then alert your bank — a huge investment is on the way!

Episode 3 Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Board of Investors:

  • Marc Randolph, co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, master of scaling
  • Kim Perell, CEO of, marketing expert
  • CeeLo Green, American Singer, Song Writer, and Record Producer

Episode 3 Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch contestants:

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