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Women’s Champion Award 2022: 6 women who inspire in the digital world

Digital Women recently announced the finalists for the new edition of the Digital Women Awards, which are held annually with the aim of celebrating the work of inspiring women who are making an impact through the digital world.

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The Women’s Champion recognition honors digital women and celebrates women working in and around digital and digital-based businesses who are doing amazing work in their respective industries. Whether it’s leveraging digital communities or building platforms to support others, the goal is to recognize women who are empowering other women.

Here is the list of six incredible women selected as finalists by Digital Women for the 2022 Women’s Champion Award :


Kelly is an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion with a passion for education, culture and systems change, technology, and entrepreneurship.

She is an experienced international business and brand marketing specialist who has contributed to business development for technology companies of different sizes in the SaaS industry by accelerating awareness and demand from the EMEA region. He has led MarCom’s integrated strategies and programs to increase employee engagement and connect companies more meaningfully with their customers.

Currently as Principal Consultant for Global Cloud Employer Branding, Culture and Engagement at Ingram Micro, where she is responsible for driving initiatives to make the organization a more diverse workplace with an inclusive culture.

In addition, he advises entrepreneurs and initiatives oriented towards purposes in which he believes, with a special focus on emerging leaders and social impact initiatives. Beyond work, Kelly is currently part of Tech London Advocates Latam and VP of events for PWN Barcelona. She also leads different initiatives as Ambassador of Women Techmakers, Leader of the Lean In Network and DEI Advisor for Women in Technology.

Niki Hutchison – Niki Hutchison Limited


Niki focuses on building strong communities of women entrepreneurs and using the tools at her disposal (business acumen, networking, community building skills) to teach them the jargon-free, proven organic marketing methods she has used and continues to use.

After a dedicated career primarily as a strategic planner in advertising agencies, she started her business venture in 2017 with an absolute passion for teaching women how to accelerate their business growth.

Through her online community of more than 25,000 members, she teaches women entrepreneurs how to grow engaged audiences, achieving a transformation where women go from feeling overwhelmed and overlooked, to feeling confident and energized.

Joy Foster – Tech Pixies


Founder and CEO of TechPixies, an award-winning social media training company accredited with a mission to help women return to work, change careers, or start a business using the power of modern technology.

Her desire to help as many women as possible improve their social media skills is fueled by her belief that technology education is the key to charting a path to financial independence and unlocking a future filled with opportunity.

Last year, Joy was named one of the 100 Most Inspiring and Influential Women in Social Enterprise (WISE100 2022) by Pioneers Post and NatWest, made Computer Weekly’s Most Influential Women in UK Tech long list, and became a local champion of the Southeast at the Digital Leaders 100 Awards 2021.

Kavita Trevena – The Unlikely Mummy CIC


Kavita Trevena, founder of The Improbable Mummy , a platform for moms without fear of being judged. As she carves out her time for work, motherhood, and blogging, she has so much more she still wants to give. Kavita has supported the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) with their Hidden Half campaign so that all moms have a check after 6 weeks.

He has appeared in magazines, newspapers, spoke at conferences, collaborated with the Council and appeared in radio and television interviews. Their mission is to help all moms feel safe and secure through parenting. She has been interviewed by Jenny Murray of BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hours and Channel 5 News, and has been featured on a popular parenting podcast called The Postnatal Podcast .

Through its community it offers free resources, workshops, masterclasses and support. It recently began offering monthly mindfulness and meditation sessions.

Tigz Rice – Tigz Rice LTD


Boudoir and personal brand photographer who helps fearless, non-binary women reconnect with their bodies and feel empowered and confident in their personal and professional adventures.

Combining high-end editorial photography with her own signature style of retouching that has made her stand out in the industry, Tigz has found her purpose in life as a woman: helping other women increase their self-confidence and self-esteem.

By capturing the beauty she sees in every superhuman, the photographs Kavita creates help her clients begin to dismantle their body image issues and build a loving relationship with themselves.

Ally Zlatar – The Starving Artist


Her own struggle with anorexia motivated Ally to raise awareness of eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and disease through the power of art.

In 2020, Ally’s work was featured in over 15 exhibitions and residencies, with her ‘One Body, My Body, No Body’ exhibition debuting in cities including London, Glasgow, Toronto and Amsterdam. Ally also created ‘ The Starving Artist’, a global initiative and publication that covers the research and artistic reflection of more than 25 international artists. The publication also provided financial aid and educational resources on eating disorders and can be found at more than 30 universities around the world.

Ally supports eating disorder awareness groups across the UK and has worked directly with mental health organizations such as Together! Disability, Safeline UK and London Eating Disorder Conference . Ally claims that she is a person who is an artist and suffers from an eating disorder, but uses her struggles to help others. Ally’s support has been invaluable not only in helping people understand how artistic voice can bring about change, but also in helping people directly recover from their eating disorders.

(This article was originally published on Social Geek .)

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