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Your Buying Guide to High Carat Weight Diamond Rings

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Diamonds have been in demand since the first ones were discovered. According to Wonderopolis, the first diamonds were discovered in India around 2,400 years ago. Since then, many other regions have been found to produce diamonds, with the biggest exporters being in Africa, and also Canada.

For the average person, buying a diamond ring either means visiting a jeweler in person, or looking online. Today it isn’t unusual for people to invest in jewelry through online stores, especially as ecommerce continues to grow.

However, some diamonds need a little more thought put behind them before making a purchase. Not many people would feel safe spending hundreds of thousands online on a gem that they have never laid eyes on.

These jewels are what are known as high-carat diamonds. They are special, and they need to be understood by the buyer.

What is classed as high-carat weight?

If you want to go to extremes then the world’s largest diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1905. This diamond was measured at 3,106-carats and blows away everything else that has ever been found since.

To put this into perspective, the average person would buy a diamond that weighs 1 to 1.9-carats. Many go for less than 1-carat, and 1.5-carats is also a popular range. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, and the gem-loving Elizabeth Taylor, have both owned monster diamond rings.

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Kardashian’s engagement ring came in at an impressive 15-carats, while one of Elizabeth Taylor’s many rings was nearly double this weight. Nevertheless, many people think that 3-carats or more is where diamonds start to pack a punch.

How expensive is a big carat diamond?

It isn’t a matter of simply quoting a price per carat as there are other factors to consider. Yet, for an example range, a 7-carat diamond ring might go for up to $550,000, but it could cost less than $100,000.

The clarity and color of the diamond will have a heavy impact on the price of the gem, as will the cut and how well this has been done.

Some estimates say that diamonds can be priced at between $10,000 to $30,000 per carat, but this is still only guesswork, and other considerations will determine the price.

For example, a 7-carat diamond ring might cost $500,000, but Kardashian’s 15-carat ring cost four times this amount despite only weighing just over twice as much.

How does the shape and cut of the diamond affect the price?

The shape and cut of the diamond will make a big difference to the value of the jewelry. There are ten shapes and cuts that are used on diamonds, and the most valuable is the pear, while the princess cut is the least.

For example, a 7-carat diamond with a pear cut may be around $80,000 more than one with a princess cut. This though is only an estimate that doesn’t take into account color and clarity properly.

Is a 7-carat weight diamond too big?

Many people believe that 2 to 3-carats is already big enough. However, if you desire something eye-catching, a 7-carat diamond will certainly do the trick.

For some, this ring may be too large, but if you are looking for a luxurious engagement ring, then 7-carats wouldn’t disappoint. Whether it is too big though may depend on the cut and style you choose.

The different cuts don’t just make the pricing vary, they also reflect how much of the diamond will be visible. Some cuts are wider than others, and other ones are longer.

A 7-carat diamond is heavy but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming if you choose a cut to fit your hand. Many will prefer a shorter cut so that the diamond doesn’t look so dominant, while others may like a longer elegant cut.

Choosing the color and clarity

Much of which heavy-carat diamond ring you buy will depend on your budget, and the color and clarity can affect the price considerably. Yet, color should also be a factor when choosing the setting.

A near colorless diamond will work better with gold rings, while a light diamond will work betting in a white setting. The clarity is another consideration, especially when looking at the price.

An SI1 clarity diamond is a good starting point according to many experts. This will include some slight flaws but nothing to ruin the beauty of the gem. This can be a good starting point as the higher the clarity, the higher the cost will be.

Where should you look for high carat weight diamond rings?

For small diamonds, there is no reason why you cannot visit a jeweler and make your own decisions. For heavy or high-carat diamonds, more care should probably be taken considering the weight involved and the price.

Visiting a diamond dealer who is experienced and established may be advisable. Someone who is well versed in high-carat diamonds will be able to advise and recommend what to purchase according to your budget.

What about the setting?

Many people simply go to a jeweler when looking for an engagement ring. However, picking a unique engagement ring is far more difficult. If you are purchasing a 7-carat diamond, then you may want the setting to be custom-made.

Some settings work better with high-carats, and these include halo, pave, and solitaire settings. One way to achieve highly desirable results is to allow a jeweler to design the setting according to the diamond weight and cut that you have purchased.


Buying a 7-carat diamond is a serious consideration for many. While there are high-carat diamonds at the lower end of the scale, if you want clarity and a god ‘make’ then you will have to spend considerably more.

Taking advice from an experienced diamond dealer may be invaluable. Unless you are highly confident in what you are purchasing, an expert’s help should be taken.

Once you are thoroughly happy with the diamond, then you can approach a jeweler to make the setting that is most appropriate and works with the gem. Then, you can enjoy this piece of jewelry for the rest of your life.

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