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Luxury Holiday Planning and How to Make It a Memorable Summer Trip Away

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Whether you’ve just forked out for a fabulous view, a king size bed, a hot stone massage, or anything else that fits your definition of luxury, there is always a chance that something will go wrong. We’ve got a list of tips to help you make sure that your holiday stays a luxury one. 

Make your travel options the luxury

Maybe in the 60’s flying on a plane was luxurious. Maybe at the turn of the century riding the train was luxurious, but those days are long gone. Now they’re something you tolerate to get from A to B. In the meantime, cruises have not lowered their luxury status. Imagine a world where getting from A to B involves water parks, bars, casinos, restaurants, sun lounging, tattoo studios, comedy clubs, barber shops, spas, gyms, and more. This is what you can get on a cruise.  

Go package 

If cruises aren’t your thing and you’d still rather fly, you should look into package holidays. Most of the stress of booking is all the spinning plates. How do you get there? Are there any connections? Where will you stay once you get there? Matching your budget to what you expect from your holiday is the most stressful part. You want luxury but you can only afford “lux” in this resort. 

It can be the fun part, but also the stressful part. Instead, get a package holiday. Wrap it all up in one payment, with the finer details left up to the booking agent. You’d be surprised just how grateful you’ll be to see your connections are already sorted once you land from a long flight. 

Balance activities with down time

The problem with a luxury holiday is that you can get a little restless. The idea is that you never leave your bed if only to move to a sunbed or a massage table and move as little as possible. As fun as that might sound, the reality is you might well get tired of that after a day or so. Instead, try to break up your days with an activity or two. Sure, lie by the beach or pool, but maybe take a wander in the afternoon before dinner, or fill your nights with dancing. 

But don’t go overboard either. There are those people who want to see everything. But they don’t really need to see everything, and you don’t need to see everything either. If you have a bucket list, by all means tackle it, but the second it starts to feel like work, you’re taking the enjoyment out of it. Cut your losses and accept that you won’t see the small historic church up on a hill that you saw on social media. 

Photo by Yoann Boyer

Be prepared for everything

Do you know what derails the concept of luxury faster than anything else? Something going wrong. Did you find out that the exclusive restaurant you saw on a travel food show is too far away from your current destination? Illusion shattered. Is the activity you wanted to do, fully booked? Some things might not be accessible the later you leave it. Make sure you book in or reserve all the cool luxury restaurants, bars and activity types ahead of time to make sure you can actually do it when the trip starts. On the same note, make sure any dining options you have decided on are at least a 30-minute walk or 15-minute cab ride away. And make sure you have alternatives in case within the same vicinity just in case you can’t do some of the things you set out to do. 

Imagine if something were to really go wrong. You lose your baggage, your passport, your money. You get injured and need to go to the hospital. Or your flights are cancelled. That’s really going to open the floodgates for stress to enter and no amount of luxury is going to minimise what you’re feeling. This is where getting insurance can help. It can’t do everything, like ensure the restaurant isn’t out of the lobster dish you were dreaming of, but it can cover you against a list of common problems while flying or going by cruise, so you don’t need to worry about any of them ruining your holiday entirely. If you are going for a cruise experience, its worth looking at the cruise cover by Staysure, if you are travelling by plane, you are better off looking at providers who offer single trip insurance. 

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